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KAAVA Air Innovation Pvt. Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets “Green, Cool & Comfortable Indoors” or Super Air Coolers based on evaporative technology and sustainability.

Kaava is a renowned brand that offers myriad of cooling solutions since its inception in 2007. As it is said, “A small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world” – KAAVA products are designed with an aim to strengthen the link between man and nature.We have a conscience to contribute towards mother earth, and this led to the inception of optimized and green products.
KAAVA products are eco-friendly super air coolers that use advance evaporative cutting-edge technologies. We cater for varied cooling solutions like, spot cooling, volume Cooling, space cooling, centralized cooling and offer a wide range of cooling products like, hybrid, hyper, super, mega, eco and spot evaporative air coolers for almost all applications – from specialized to residential, commercial, industrial, portable, and many other applications that require cool and comfortable indoors. “

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The management team has worked in the air cooling field since 1982 by producing conventional air cooler,and in 2007 we started the evaporative super air cooler business. In 2016 we started manufacturing of two super cooler models in India. However, our founders experience is way more than numbers but our core team have over 12 years of experience and expertise in execution of more than 1000 successful projects across the nation.


A perfect blend of experienced and freshers, Kaava offers you a diligent and innovative band of people who come from the most premier institution and business backgrounds. Team members with diverse background make sure that you have the most relevant products and services which are bound to fetch results.


We offer you the best products and services in a highly competitive price. We understand the value of investment and hence strive to give you the best valued products and services.


We are a trustable brand and we stick to great ethics enrooted by the values of our great ancestors, like. Work selflessly with passion and compassion. Always under promise and overdeliver. Being humble and honest. Live with empathy and sympathy. Not to be no.1 but to be the favourite. Don’t to different things, do things differently. Do good, be good and get good and Above all Love All.


We have our own R&D Team and Centre, we have collaborated with couple of technical research institution, testing labs and some industrial design offices,which makes sure that the performance and design of our super air coolers are excellent. We believe that every product has a different customer base and hence we do not offer generalized products and services. We extract the strength of diversity from our wide base of professionals who specialize the products and services just for you!


We at Kaava, give the topmost priority to ethical solution and are driven by a strong innate desire to delight the customer by delivering the best in the industry. We work with strong collaboration of precision engineering, science knowledge, technical knowhow, artistic approach and above all practical outlook to optimize value of end users.


Base in Delhi NCR,which is the “Capital” of India we have an edge in easy exports, pan India supply and great logistics tie ups. Along with our dedicated service team, we stock complete range of our spares parts n accesories for prompt and professional supply whenever required.


We have more than 98% satisfied clients and 75% of our sales volume is from the repeat clients or via reference from our existing customers. It shows our commitment, value to relations and after sales service support. We have highest 5 star reviews and positive testimonials across all social platforms. Our clients vouch for our products and services.

We Aspire for redefining the cooling experience for your living and work spaces. We don’t just sell our products. We strongly believe in innovations and choose the best out of alternatives to give great guaranteed cooling solutions. We strive to make your investment worthy and every penny count.

To sell “Green Cool & Comfortable Indoors” is more than just selling air cooling products. To us it is about dialogue, competence, reliability and logistics.

Our philosophy is to start with the requirements and – through dialogue – design a solution that meets the expectations specified for a great indoor comfort. Just as people are different, indoor climate requirements are different, too.

It is our objective to make “Comfort the way you want”:

Through advanced use of evaporative cooling technology and competent advising we wish to give our customers the benefits of Super and Hyper air coolers in all types of buildings.

We will continue to strengthen and develop our core competences in the R&D, logistics and production of evaporative air cooling products in order to be the supplier of choice on selected markets worldwide.

We shall work hard to create sustainable solutions that will work year after year. A good cooperation goes further than delivery of the next order.

It is our vision to offer technology that makes a difference, and together with an efficient team we feel well positioned to solve your next ventilation job.

Our criteria of success are (we want to build a culture based on):
Strong Communication: we want to be in a dialogue with our customers and cooperation business partners to find joint solutions that meet the end user’s expectations of green, cool & comfortable indoors.

Quality: we want to supply the best quality in the market and on time. We do not compromise with quality, neither regarding design, solution, nor finished products.

Innovation and sustainability: we want to be innovative and creative – we want to set the standards in evaporative cooling products worldwide in functionality and in our choice of eco friendly, natural and sustainable solutions.

Credibility: we want to be a professional partner with heavy demands on ourselves, our suppliers, and our business partners.

Openness and respect: we want to develop a culture throughout the group based on respect for the competences and differences of each individual. Regardless of position there must be room for opinions and for innovative ideas to be appreciated

Honesty: we want to be honest in our communication – even if it hurts

Kaava is ISO 9001 certified company which is a strategic management system to monitor the quality of all internal processes. Our goal is to deliver high quality products and services as agreed with the customer.

We take pride in working honestly and keeping reliability towards our trade partners, customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Your time is valuable, and we understand the importance of delivering on time. 98.0% of our orders are delivered at the confirmed date.

Any errors will be corrected immediately. Our report system identifies and implements actions necessary to obtain continuous improvements. We have constant focus on customer complaints and have been able to reduce this number to a historic low of less than 2.0% in 2018.

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